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Nepal trip

Trip to Nepal is a unique, challenging adventure. Here, I decided to embark on a trek as well. I'm not a big athlete, but I've learned that what enables overcoming obstacles is the strength of will, and that's present.

During the journey, we'll wander through Nepal, experience skydiving, rejoice in the sight of those mountains, soar above the Himalayan range, and more.

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 Silk road trip

The journey begins in China and includes within it, among other things, Xi'an with the Terracotta Army, the glass bridge, Dunhuang, and Turpan. Crossing a tumultuous border to Kyrgyzstan, then onwards to Uzbekistan - Samarkand and Bukhara. A 7,000 km overland transportation adventure, filled with sights and numerous escapades.

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Sri Lanka trip

Sri Lanka is a unique destination with ancient cities, stunning landscapes, special beaches, and more. It attracts travelers from all around the world.

The journey begins in Colombo, the capital, which you reach by flying through Doha, Qatar (yes, Israelis can transit there freely). You then continue on an ancient train to Anuradhapura (until I learned the name) – it used to be the capital about 2,200 years ago. From there, you head to Sigiriya – a climb up a rock/fortress with only 1,200 steps, a safari, a ride to Badulla with ancient caves, Kandy, a visit to an elephant orphanage, and much more.

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Burma trip

Burma is a fascinating country. On the one hand - extreme poverty, almost non-existent infrastructure. On the other hand - huge temples full of gold, and local residents who, despite being poor, donate in these temples and stick gold leaves on the Buddha statues. On a journey through the steppes of Burma it seems as if we have gone back 500 years. In Yangoon - which used to be called Rangoon - only 100 years ago. When you get to Nyphidao - the new capital, you see a mysterious city. Visiting the city of 3007 temples, Mount Popa and more. Amazing and fascinating.

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Peru - Inca land

Peru is something else. For many years, I've wanted to visit Peru. I was drawn to the stories of the Inca civilization and wanted to see these places. I heard a lot about Cusco and Machu Picchu and thought it was a must-visit. The Inca culture, their fascinating writing, and the ancient cities fascinated me. I even did a trek there up to altitude of 4,700 meters, accompanied by coca tea - the local remedy, an amazing experience.

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Peru - Coastal Plain

Peru was something very special for me. It was my first trip to the continent of America. Due to the extensive content, I had to create two lectures. Along the coastline, we'll explore Lima, the capital, then continue to Paracas - the Galapagos of the poor, go sandboarding in Huacachina, like skiing, fly above the famous Nazca Lines, and see all the figures there. We'll proceed to Colca Canyon with the condors - wingspan of 4.2 meters!!!! And many more adventures.

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Trip to Lapland

The trip to Lapland is fundamentally different from all the other trips I'm talking about. The other trips were made after I retired from work. This trip was a jump into a special world during my work period, 2006. Look how the world has changed since then. The cell phone was just a phone.

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Indochina trip

Indochina peninsula was my first destination in my travels, and it actually split into two trips. The first one included Northern Thailand, and afterward, I traveled to Cambodia, where two of my children joined me, and together we also went to Central Thailand. The second part was Vietnam. When both of these trips went smoothly, I could continue to other places.    

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A trip with grandchildren

Grandchildren's trip is a completely different trip from my other trips. In all my lectures the emphasis is on the adventures and experiences I go through, and there are always quite a few. On the grandchildren's trip, the story is somewhat reversed.


הטיול לגואטמלה

An amazing journey. A voyage between the ancient cultures of the Maya tribes, pyramids, tribal customs, a witch from the tribe, to climbing active volcanoes that erupt when reaching the summit, and as an addition - a friendly typhoon.

ניתן גם לשדרג את האירוע ולהפכו למסע כורסע היברידי בלתי נשכח.

מה זה מסע כורסע היברידי? הסבר כאן

והנה הקדימון לקטע ההיבירידי המומלץ להרצאה זו

An example of a hybrid section from a lecture about a trip to Peru - the land of the Incas -  Sightseeing

Batantambo - a village from the Inca period

Tastings from hybrid lectures:

An example of a hybrid segment of a lecture on Burma - a tour of a Burmese village that seems to be 2000 years old

An example of a hybrid segment of a lecture about Nepal - a tour of Bhaktapur - the ancient capital of Nepal

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