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Burma - Myanmar trip

Burma is a fascinating land. On one hand, it suffers from extreme poverty, with almost no infrastructure. On the other hand, it boasts massive gold-filled temples and local residents, despite their poverty, contributing to these temples and affixing gold leaves to Buddha statues. During the journey through the Burmese plains, it feels as if we have gone back 500 years. Bagan – formerly known as Rangoon – is only 100 years behind. When we arrive in Nyaung-U – the new capital, we see a mysterious city. A visit to the 3007 Pagodas City, Mount Popa, and more. It's amazing and captivating.

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פגודת שוודגון
פגודת הזהב
ארוכות הצוואר

It's also possible to upgrade the event and turn it into an unforgettable hybrid armchair adventure!

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An example of a hybrid segment of a lecture on Burma - a tour of a Burmese village that seems to be 2000 years old
Let's see how life is there today

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