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The trip to Lapland

"The trip to Lapland is fundamentally different from all the other trips I talk about. The other trips were taken after I left work. This trip was a leap into a unique world during my working years, in 2006. See how the world has changed since then. The mobile phone was just a phone. The camera was a different tool. It used film, and you had to print the photos and then put them in an album. For taking video, you needed a third tool - a camcorder. It's crazy to think about it. So, I didn't really have material for a presentation, just memories and a few photos. That's what I did. I put together a presentation from movies and pictures from the internet. But to prove that I was actually there, I added a photo of us to each event.

And what an amazing trip. One day, you're riding on snowmobiles. Another day, you're on dog sleds. Yet another day, you're ice fishing. Another day, visiting a hotel made of ice. Amazing."

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