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Amazing Guatemala

A stunning, diverse journey. Among ancient cultures and unique natural sites.
We start with visits to the pyramids of the Mayan tribes, Tikal and Yaxha, climbing there on the pyramids to see sunrise and sunset. From there, a challenging journey combining cars and boats to a Caribbean town where we encounter a tropical rainstorm.
Suddenly a typhoon appears, disrupting the route, and we need to reach shelter. After the typhoon, a trip to clear water lagoons crossing rivers formed by the typhoon. A visit to the amazing Antigua and then a climb on a smoking volcano.
A visit to San Pedro with Lake Atitlan. From here, we hire a guide from the Mayan tribe and tour the valleys of the tribes that have indeed converted to Christianity but still hold on to their original religion, like the converts. As a sweet ending to the journey among the tribes, we invite a local Maya witch to conduct a blessing ceremony for my family in their own way.

And the climax, if anything can be more than what's already recounted - climbing an active volcano at 3,500 meters high that decides to erupt while I stand before it. A truly unique experience.


It's also possible to upgrade the event and turn it into an unforgettable hybrid armchair adventure!

What is a hybrid armchair adventure? Explanation here.

And here's the trailer to the recommended hybrid armchair segment for this presentation

An example of a hybrid section from a lecture about a trip  On the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand where the Full Moon parties are held once a month. We see a monastery made of recycled materials - mainly beer bottles and a tourist in the Shabbat market on the island. If we want we can taste insects.

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