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Nepal trip

A trip to Nepal is a unique and challenging adventure. Here, I decided to do trekking as well. I'm not a big athlete, but I've learned that what allows you to overcome obstacles is the power of will, and I had plenty of it.

I chose a moderate route - the Poon Hill trek. Young people complete the route in 3-4 days, I allocated 5 days for it, and in the end, I did it in six days, including a section at the end with a climb of 4,000 stairs.

While in Pokhara, I had another interesting experience. Walking in the street, I saw a group of young people loading parachutes. I walked in and asked, "What's going on?" They said, "There's one more spot. Are you coming?" Of course, I stayed, and I went paragliding.

Later on, there were experiences of safaris, a visit to Chitwan with a fascinating meeting in the Thamel Quarter, flying over the Annapurna range, and more.

טיסה מעל אנפורנה

It's also possible to upgrade the event and turn it into an unforgettable hybrid armchair adventure!

What is a hybrid armchair adventure? Explanation here.

And here's the trailer to the recommended hybrid armchair segment for this presentation

An example of a hybrid segment of a lecture about Nepal - a tour of the town of Bhaktapur, a holy town for Nepalese in the Kathmandu Valley - we will see temples, Ella girl  And we will tell about the meaning of the Star of David in the tradition of

The Hindu in Nepal.

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