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Peninsular Indo China

Indochina Peninsula  was my first destination in my trips, and in fact, it was divided into two trips. The first included Northern Thailand, and after that, I traveled to Cambodia, where two of my children joined, and together we also went to Central Thailand. The second part was Vietnam. When both of these trips passed safely, I could continue to other places.

This presentation is different in something else. The other presentations were prepared shortly before the trip itself, based on the relatively fresh experience and materials I collected during the trip. This presentation was prepared much later, during the period of Corona, about 4 years after the trips. When I went on the trips, I hardly took any photos. The reason? What for? After all, no one looks at the photos later. So I hardly took any. Therefore, I wasn't even sure if I had material for a presentation. When I decided to create it, I needed to do some detective work. When and where was I? So, I also talk about that in the presentation, how I built the routes and found the relevant photos.

In this presentation, there's something very spicy. It is largely based on cult films - or in Hebrew, "Pulchan" films. These are old films that have stayed in our memory. For example, when I arrive in Thailand, I screen a short clip from the film "Anna and the King of Siam". I won't reveal the rest. Only in the presentation.

יער צף
מקדש תאילנד

It's also possible to upgrade the event and turn it into an unforgettable hybrid armchair adventure!

What is a hybrid armchair adventure? Explanation here.

And here's the trailer to the recommended hybrid armchair segment for this presentation

An example of a hybrid section from a lecture about a trip  On the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand where the Full Moon parties are held once a month. We see a monastery made of recycled materials - mainly beer bottles and a tourist in the Shabbat market on the island. If we want we can taste insects.

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