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Silk Road Advanture

The Silk Road journey - since childhood, I've loved adventure stories. I read Marco Polo's travels, and I decided that when I grow up, I'll travel the Silk Road. I grew up and I traveled. A journey of 7,000 kilometers, by local trains and buses, numerous conversations with locals, mistakes along the way, and other hair-raising adventures, especially in the icy regions like mine, and other amazing experiences.

The journey starts in China and includes, among other things, Xi'an with the Terracotta Army, the glass bridge, Dunhuang and Turpan, a wild border crossing into Kyrgyzstan, from there to Uzbekistan - Samarkand and Bukhara.

For various reasons, I decided not to continue to Afghanistan and Iran, those will be for next time.

It's also possible to upgrade the event and turn it into an unforgettable hybrid armchair adventure!

What is a hybrid armchair adventure? Explanation here.

And here's the trailer to the recommended hybrid armchair segment for this presentation

An example of a hybrid section from

A lecture about a visit to Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo
The exotic, a unique experience
With a local guide who gives a glimpse
About the most sought-after places in the city

To book lectures on fascinating trips around the world
In the third age for providing inspiration, empowerment and healthy humor..



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