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A trip with grandchildren

"A grandkids' trip is completely different from all my other trips. In all my presentations, the emphasis is on the adventure and experiences I go through, and there are always quite a few. In the grandkids' trip, the story is somewhat reversed.

Many grandparents take trips with their grandchildren. Some of them take organized trips of this kind, others take a car and take their grandchildren, and there are other methods. We do it quite differently. In our case, we take a grandkids' trip with a group of three grandchildren of similar ages. They decide where we're going and what they want to see, within budget and time constraints, and then we work with them as a team. They plan the routes, create presentations and background material on each place we visit, and they guide and lead the trip. In this way, we impart additional values to children aged 11-14, such as teamwork, problem-solving, enjoyment in accomplishing tasks, and more.

Want to hear more? No problem, talk to us.

By the way, this format is also excellent for a trip with parents and children, not just with grandchildren."


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