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You have been wanting to go there for years.

An exotic site, far away, but very interesting.

And the corona - even when it's over, it's still complicated and dangerous to travel,

Especially if you are no longer young.

so what are we doing?

Embarking on an "Armchair Hybrid Adventure" offers you a passport to boundless exploration, where the magic of travel comes alive without leaving your haven


Wondering how it works?

I have noticed that a frontal lecture is wonderful, but it lacks the sense of being on-site. There's a kind of "sterile" feeling to it. During the COVID-19 period, I organized virtual field tours on Zoom, but that also has its drawbacks.

 Responding to requests from satisfied clients to combine elements, a new format of a lecture was created that integrates frontal presentation with a live real-time field tour – "Armchair Hybrid Adventures."

An "Armchair Hybrid Adventure" consists of a 50-minute frontal lecture about my fascinating journeys in a specific country. An informative and experiential lecture that takes you to the edge of the fork, providing a glimpse of what it's like to travel as an adult backpacker in that same country. At the end of the frontal lecture, we seamlessly transition to a live and in-depth tour of about 20 minutes in the same country. A guide residing there appears on the screen in the hall where we're sitting, leading us through a specific site of the journey for 15-20 minutes, offering an in-depth view of the place. Within this "live" journey, we see everything through his eyes and hear his explanations. Through microphone in the room we can ask questions on the fly.


Eembarking on an "Armchair Hybrid Adventure" allows for a rich, extensive, informative lecture seasoned with personal experience stories. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to enjoy a true real-time field tour, to feel and experience the place as much as possible, as if you were there yourself.

You can choose from different hybrid segments, not necessarily from the same country. Conversely, sometimes it's nice to jump to another country. You can take several hybrid tours and do a "world tour," in short - it's up to your imagination.

So where can I take you?

No need to pack suitcases, undergo COVID tests and vaccinations, or prepare passports and disrupt savings plans.

Prepare for "Armchair Hybrid Adventures" - a captivating series of lectures based on personal experiences in exotic and distant countries, brimming with breathtaking landscapes, rich cultures, and fascinating authentic villages. Let's highlight two examples for clarification:


1. "Armchair Adventure to Nepal" An incredible series of experiences detailed here in a 50-minute frontal lecture.  Then, Rita from Nepal, a live connection, will appear on the screen and lead us through the ancient capital of Nepal for about 20 minutes. During this time, the audience can also interact with her, ask questions, and seek clarifications. Watch a trailer video here.


2. "Armchair Adventure to Peru" An amazing series of experiences detailed here in a 50-minute frontal lecture. Then, Avishai, an Israeli guide living in Peru, will appear on the screen and lead us on a tour of the sacred valley of the Incas for about 20 minutes. During this time, the audience can also interact with him, ask questions, and seek clarifications. Watch a demonstration video here.

There are many different options for the live segment - according to the customer's choice!

The following video shows previews of the hybrid segments.

And if you really want to invest,

Here is a 7 minute video that explains with examples.

So we arranged to meet for an in-depth lecture
About countries you haven't seen with me yet?

For more info, please leave your details and we will get back to you

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