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Who am I

My name is Avigdor Sapir, born in 1945. At the age of 71, after retiring from the position of CEO in the hi-tech industry in Israel, I decide to fulfill a dream, to go on backpacking trips around the world, in a similar style to the young backpackers' trips, with adjustments for age and abilities.

The basis of the trip is an independent trip, travel to special places, flow with what the road invites and especially what other travelers you meet say, and frequent route changes according to the opportunities that arise.

I go on independent trips in the Far East, on local buses and trains, reach wonderful places, experience things I've never done before and come back full of experiences and lecture about them in various forums, with  75% bookings for repeat lectures.

A quote from a client - "We enjoyed the lecture. I liked the humor, the lightness and the personal story."


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Avigdor Sapir

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